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Ursus Bear Habitat Encounter Day Trip

March 28th, 2016 by Corey A. Edwards

Ursus Bear Habitat EncounterIt’s one for your bucket list: come have the adventure of a lifetime and view wild, coastal brown bears up close and in the wild on one of our two Ursus Bear Habitat Encounter Alaska Day Trips!

Alaska Adventure Unlimited offers a number of fantastic multi-day trips – which include gold panning, dog-sledding, jetboat tours, tram tours, plane tours – but our Ursus Bear Habitat Encounter  has to be one of the most amazing and popular. I can tell you why with just two words: wild bears.

The Alaskan brown bear is an iconic creature, commonly conjured up in the mind’s eye when one even thinks of Alaska. We see them in photos and films, even the zoo but, until you see them in the wild, frolicking with their cubs, catching salmon, swimming, and defending their territory from other bears, well – you haven’t really seen them at all!

Our two Ursus Bear Habitat Encounter Alaska day trips provide you with the best chance you’ll have to see these magnificent animals up close in their natural habitat, or you can add it to any of our multi-day adventures to top off your vacation:

Ursus Bear Habitat Encounter Alaska Day Trips

The Lake Clark National Park Bear Viewing Adventure (7 hours) includes a one hour flight to Lake Clark National Park, where your guide will share a bear safety orientation. Then it’s out to some of the best bear viewing stretches of prairie and beachfront in Alaska, drawing not only brown bears but even a few black bears! Then a box lunch will give you the energy to keep you going for more bear viewing and the flight back to Anchorage.

The Brooks Falls Bear Viewing Adventure (10 hours) takes you south along the Cook Inlet to Lake Clark Pass – a stunning crack of a passageway in an otherwise impassable range of peaks.Landing in Katmai, you’ll be met by a ranger who will take you through a safety orientation before escorting you to a bear viewing platform. From here, with any luck, you’ll see grizzly bears catching wild salmon from atop a natural, Alaskan waterfall. A pack lunch is included.

Both of these Alaskan day trips involve scenic flights into the Alaskan wilderness from Anchorage. Did we mention that these flights will take you past active volcanoes? A real highlight in itself!

Of course, though the probability is quite high, there can be no guarantee that you’ll see a bear during either of our Ursus Bear Habitat Encounter Alaska day trips. These are wild animals, after all, not performers. Be sure to ask about the best times to visit either of these destinations when planning your trip.