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Enjoy Kid-Friendly Alaska Tours

April 18th, 2016 by Corey A. Edwards

Enjoy Kid-Friendly Alaska Tours with Alaska Adventure Unlimited!Alaska Adventure Unlimited is proud to offer kid-friendly Alaska tours, multi-day trips designed to keep all members of the family happy and entertained as you discover the great Alaskan frontier together!

Taking the entire family on a personalized Alaska adventure is a great idea but can be a tough decision. Will there be enough for the kids to do and enjoy during the vacation … or will their boredom make it impossible for anyone to have a good time?

With Alaska Adventure Unlimited, that’s not something you have to worry about! We don’t treat kids like extra baggage. Our family tours cater to children and parents alike, making us the number one provider of kid-friendly Alaska tours!

What makes our Alaskan family vacations kid-friendly?

First, we make sure each trip itinerary includes activities and interests for all family members of all ages. Alaska, itself, already qualifies but, while mom and dad are oggling over all the eye-popping scenery, the kids will be getting immersion at a level they can appreciate.

Our Guide-led, Jr. Ranger Program is a great example of this. Aimed at approaching wilderness appreciation from an angle proven to be both effective and entertaining for younger children, you’ll be amazed at the facts they soak up as the Alaskan wilderness – and then the world – opens up for them.

Worried about keeping the kids happy and entertained during down-times? We offer plenty of educational entertainment options like DVD’s of Monty Moose and Arctic Friends to watch enroute to your various destinations.

Our Wilderness Experience Backpacks are packed with lots of absorbing reading materials, coloring supplies, sticker books, toys, and more for hands-on adventure designed not only to distract and entertain but also to educate your child about the great Alaskan wilderness.

Wishing there were other kids for your child to play and share the experience with? Let us help join your family with other, like-minded families for a group experience. You’ll all have the chance to make new friends!

Further, our Alaska Adventure Unlimited guides are experienced parents or educators who are familiar with the ins and outs – and ups and downs! – of traveling with children. You’ll find their patient and caring guidance a real boon during your Alaska family vacation.

So, if you’re looking for kid-friendly Alaska tours that will keep the whole family happy, don’t hesitate. Reserve your family Alaska vacation with Alaska Adventure Unlimited, now!

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