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Tour Alaska in Luxury with the AAU Advantage

April 30th, 2016 by Corey A. Edwards

Tour Alaska in AAU's Executive Mini-Coach

Tour Alaska in comfort in AAU’s Executive Mini-Coach

There are lots of different services out there offering to help you get the most when you tour Alaska but there’s only one Alaska Adventure Unlimited. Take advantage of the best Alaska land tours available … the AAU Advantage!

What is the AAU Advantage?
Alaska Adventure Unlimited is able to provide you with the best ways to tour Alaska due to a number of simple, yet important factors: our local guides, the uncommonly small and flexible size of our Alaska tour groups, our high-end activities and off-the-beaten-path destinations, and more.

Tour Alaska In Luxury in the AAU Touring Fleet

This time around, we’re just going to focus on one detail: Alaska Adventure Unlimited’s Touring Fleet.

The vehicles used to get you around is an important detail to consider when looking for the best way to truly tour Alaska.

Alaska Adventure Unlimited uses smaller vehicles than many other Alaska tour services not only because our groups are smaller – which allows for greater flexibility for you during your Alaska wilderness tour – but also because these smaller vehicles allow us to take you farther and deeper into the Alaskan wilderness where other, larger tour vehicles simply cannot go.

So what do you sacrifice, comfort-wise, in these smaller tour vehicles?

Not a thing!

Tour Alaska in AAU's Luxury Conversion Limo-Van

Our Luxury Conversion Limo-Van

You might think smaller vehicles could uncomfortably restrict the amount of belongings you’re allowed to bring. Not so! Each of our tour vehicles includes more room than you might imagine – plus we’ve a luggage trailer, allowing for two bags per person!

When it comes to views – the main reason to tour Alaska, if you ask most people – all AAU fleet vehicles feature large windows, a high-powered spotting scope, and individual binoculars to make sure everyone has the chance to see the beauty that surrounds them.

Eager to see those pictures you just took? We totally understand – that’s why each of our vehicles offers digital photo viewing. Be sure to bring your camera’s connector cable along so, in between destinations, you can preview those amazing shots you captured, if you wish.

Our DVD and plasma screen theatre systems will also keep you (or your rambunctious ones) entertained in-between attractions with video or soft music – and each vehicle’s speaker system makes sure everyone can hear the tour narration, no matter what seat they’re in.

Thirsty? We stock plenty of complimentary beverages – sodas, fruit juices, and bottled water – so everyone can stay well hydrated.

The rest of our fleet’s perks are individual:

Our 13 to 14 passenger Executive Mini-Coach has luxurious leather captains chairs for a comfortable ride you will not believe and 12 volt power ports to keep those laptops, smart phones, and other electronics powered up and ready to go throughout your adventures.

Our 7 to 8 passenger Luxury Conversion Limo-Van also has leather captain chairs and handy, 12-volt power ports, along with a comfie leather bench seat for 3.

Tour Alaska in AAU's Family Van

The AAU Family Van

Our 14 passenger Family Van offers plush, cloth-covered bench seats and includes infant and child booster seats for your little-ones’ comfort and safety. Not only that but, in this vehicle, the DVD/plasma screen theatre compliment is two, not one, meaning not everyone has to watch the same DVD, and headsets allow for some to enjoy the screen while others enjoy, music, conversation, or their own thoughts as they look out the big windows and soak up that lush and gorgeous Alaskan wilderness.

All the Alaska Adventure Unlimited fleet vehicles include side-door access with steps, hand rails or hand holds for easy entry and exit out of the vehicle, no matter your agility.

So there you have it – just one detail of many that make up the AAU Advantage and your land tour of Alaska the best it can possibly be. Take a look at our Alaskan Tour Packages and let Alaska Adventure Unlimited whisk you away to the Alaskan Wilderness Tour you’ve been dreaming of!