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Take a Flightseeing Tour of Mt. Denali With A Glacier Landing!

June 20th, 2016 by Corey A. Edwards

Flightseeing tour of Mt. Denali with a glacier landing!Make the most of your Alaska vacation by including a flightseeing tour of Mt. Denali with the further thrill of landing on the Sheldon Amphitheatre glacier!

Mt. Denali (previously known as Mt. McKinley from 1917 to 2015) is the highest mountain peak in North America. There are few easy ways to get close to this iconic peak but one of the quickest and most breathtaking ways is on a flightseeing tour!

Of all the things you can do on a trip to Alaska, the opportunity to take a flightseeing tour of Mt. Denali should be at the top of your list. Our flightseeing tour takes you to within six miles of Mt. Denali’s summit, giving you views most of the rest of the world will never know. The rugged, high mountain peaks and wide, glacier filled valleys of Denali National Park will fascinate and humble your senses.

Enjoy aerial views of beautiful Ruth Glacier and Great Gorge, which plunges almost 2 miles down into the earth’s crust, making it the world’s deepest gorge. Learn about the geology, wildlife, and history of the area from your experienced pilot and guide during the 1.5 hour flight. Their explanations helping to direct and highlight the incredible view.

Best of all, when you take a flightseeing tour of Mt. Denali with Alaska Adventure Unlimited, your tour includes a glacier landing on the Sheldon Amphitheatre glacier, beneath Mt. Denali!

Your touring plane in has skis designed for landing on snow. This makes it the perfect vehicle for visiting a remote glacier like the ones surrounding Mt. Denali.

There are many glaciers open to your visit during an Alaska vacation. None are quite like Mt. Denali’s Sheldon Amphitheatre glacier, though! Located at the base of one of the greatest vertical reliefs on our planet, the sense of scale being on this glacier imparts is impossible to describe.

Virtually everyone who enjoys a flightseeing tour of Mt. Denali, no matter how many other attractions were part of their package, say the glacier landing was the highlight of their trip. Everyone. From little kids to senior citizens, men or women, American or international guests. And that’s saying something, given how many other great, off-the-beaten-path destinations your Alaska Adventure Unlimited Alaska vacation package takes you!

Flightseeing Tour of Mt. Denali

Most of our Alaska Adventure Unlimited Guided Tour Packages (Deluxe version) include the flightseeing tour of Mt. Denali. Packages that do not have it as a default destination, offer it as an optional add-on or upgrade. Additional upgrades to lengthen the duration of your flight can be purchased, if your tour allows for the time factor.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your flightseeing tour of Mt. Denali with Alaska Adventure Unlimited today!