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Mush! Experience Alaskan Dog Sledding

July 18th, 2016 by Corey A. Edwards

Take an Alaskan Dog Sledding tour!Alaskan dog sledding is one of those iconic experiences many of us dream of but never realize. With an Alaska Adventure Unlimited multi-day tour, the dream can be yours!

Dog sleds are less common than they once were but remain a reliable mode of transportation across otherwise forbidding landscapes of snow and ice. It’s hard to think of dog sledding without picturing the Iditarod.

Most know the Iditarod as a 1000 mile long, dog sled race. How many realize that the Iditarod Trail began as a mail and supply route from the coastal towns to mining camps deep in the interior. Mail and supplies went in, gold came out. The Iditarod Trail was also instrumental as a life saving highway during the 1925 diptheria epidemic.

Now you can experience the historical (and very real) thrill of Alaskan dog sledding on any of Alaska Adventure Unlimited’s multi-day tours!

18 Alaskan Huskies will pull your sled on our Alaskan dog sledding experience. These beautiful dogs are all experienced racers and some of the strongest animals around, relative to their size. You will be awed by their grace and power as they pull you through the Alaskan wilderness.

Your guide will be a veteran dog musher who has competed in both the Iditarod and Yukon Quest. They’ll regale you with fascinating stories of their race experiences, a well as the history and evolution of dog mushing. Passionate about their dogs and the sport, they are eager to share their knowledge, so come with questions!

If possible, our Alaskan dog sledding experience also includes a chance to pet and hold some Husky puppies – future sled pullers. Meet the professional mushers, enjoy an Alaskan dog sledding experience, and enjoy the presence of these amazing animals. You may even get a chance to meet and have your picture taken an Iditarod champion!

Alaskan Dog Sledding Experience

Every one of Alaska Adventure Unlimited’s multi-day tours includes an opportunity to enjoy a dog sled ride. Take a look at our tour comparison chart to see which adventure fits you!