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Take Life By The Horns On A Dall Sheep Photo Safari!

September 12th, 2016 by Corey A. Edwards

Dall sheep photo safariIconic, majestic, photogenic: these are the words that come to mind when one thinks of Alaska’s Dall sheep. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to see them in their natural habitat on a Dall sheep photo safari?

Dall sheep are native to the mountain ranges of Alaska. The massive curled horns of the males make them almost instantly recognizable, and startlingly impressive. Even the females, with their shorter, slender, only slightly curved horns are beautiful to see as they clamber through the steep, rocky terrain.

Alaska Adventure Unlimited takes you to many places in Alaska where you are likely to catch sight of Dall sheep, not to mention other Alaskan wildlife. Few, however, compare to the opportunities found near Matanuska Glacier. Here, at Sheep Mountain, there is a large population of Dall Sheep which are protected from hunting.

A number of our tours stop here for a bite to eat and, weather permitting, it’s the perfect spot for a Dall sheep photo safari!

The beauty and wilderness are all encompassing. High-powered spotting scope and binoculars are provided to bring you closer to the peaks and distant valleys and ice fields. Dall sheep can be fairly easy to spot. Their coats, a much brighter white than the yellow coats of mountain goats, stand out. One just has to look for any moving spots of off-white!

Due to their protected status here on Sheep Mountain, the sheep are less skittish, more likely to come within range of your eyes, as opposed to spotting scope or binocular. Consequently, the chance to get some really amazing photos of these beautiful wild animals is quite consistently good.

In addition to Dall sheep, visitors to Sheep Mountain Lodge may also see view fox, coyote, moose, lynx, marmots, and even the occasional bear! There are birds galore, too: Golden eagles, Hawk owls, Wilson’s warblers, Arctic warblers, and – of course – magpies.

Dall Sheep Photo Safari

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