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What Is The Best Way To See Alaska?

November 18th, 2016 by Corey A. Edwards

What is the best way to see Alaska?Alaska is a big state with lots to see and do – but how to get out and see it? There are four common methods used to visit the state’s many attractions.  Which is the best way to see Alaska?

Visiting Alaska can be daunting. Beyond the state’s size, which is huge in comparison to not just most other states but also many countries, it also contains a lot of eye-popping wilderness. There is just so much to see and do!

Right after deciding to make the trip, the next question is almost always: what is the best way to see Alaska?

By Train or Bus with a Tour Group
Taking a large group tour of Alaska on a train or a bus can be fun – but is it the best way to see Alaska?

You get to share the journey with lots of strangers and may even make a few new friends. Large tour groups can be economical and the companies offering such trips are used to herding big groups around, so there will probably be few surprises.

Unfortunately, all these pluses can end up being minuses after a day or two.

Further, big touring groups on trains and buses have to stay on the main travel corridors. This means you’re restricted to areas on or quite near the rail or bus line. No stopping for historic or scenic viewpoints. No enjoying small local eateries, breweries, or other activities not capable of handling your tour group.

On A Cruise
Taking an Alaskan cruise can be very romantic – but is it the best way to see Alaska?

The shipboard experience can be exciting and unique. There is a lot to see and do while you’re aboard with shopping, dining, and entertainment all at your fingertips.

As neat as that sounds, it relegates Alaska to the role as mere background for most of the trip. Cruise ships only travel along the Inside Passage. A beautiful journey, to be sure but you’re missing 90% of the state. You’re not going to see Mt. Denali, the bulk of Alaskan wildlife, and most of the other things that likely attracted you to the trip in the first place!

In A Rental Car
There’s a lot to be said for the being the master of one’s own fate. Renting a car can do just that for you – but is it the best way to see Alaska?

Touring Alaska in a rental car means you get to go where you want when you want. You can stop anywhere along the way and stay as long as you please.

Unfortunately, this also means that one of you has to drive, which means missing out on the view. One of you will have to navigate, too. Besides, unless one of you already knows Alaska, you’re going to miss out on all the details! You’ll miss the history, wildlife, geology, and hidden spots that make a tour like this worth taking!

Via a Small Tour Operator
Small tour operators are a select breed in a state like Alaska with minimal infrastructure. Consequently,  they can offer specialized, custom tours to small groups – but are they the best way to see Alaska?

We at Alaska Adventure Unlimited can only speak for ourselves.

When you select one of our trips, you’re going “Small Group Rustic Luxury.” This means that, while we take you off the beaten path, we do not take you camping! When the day is done, we return you to your creature comforts for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Rather than just tour along the same old highways and biways, our tours include high-end activities. Flightseeing Mt. Denali and landing on a glacier, for example. Our guides grew up in and are in love with Alaska. When you tour with us, we put ourselves into the tour. Our knowledge and our passion for the state come through so you can feel the “Soul of Alaska.”

The Best Way To See Alaska

Clearly, we’re a little biased when it comes to our opinion of the best way to see Alaska. Our combined experiences as a small tour operator lead us to this conclusion and this business! Happily, our guests agree – we think you will, too!

Book your trip with Alaska Adventure Unlimited now – the best way to see Alaska!