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Don’t Settle For Less – Make Your Alaska Adventure Unlimited!

November 28th, 2016 by Corey A. Edwards

Don't Settle For Less - Make Your Alaska Adventure Unlimited!With the variety of Alaska tour operators out there, why choose Alaska Adventure Unlimited for your Alaskan wilderness tour? We’re glad you asked!

When you tour Alaska with AAU, you’re touring with local guides. Alaska Adventure Unlimited is a small, private Alaska touring company. Our mission is to ensure unforgettable, environmentally aware adventures in Alaska’s playground. We live here and LOVE Alaska.

Further, our Alaska tour groups are quite small – just 2-14 people. That is a unique factor, here in the 49th State. Such small tour groups allows us the kind of flexibility other, larger tour groups can only dream of.

Like what, you ask? Our flexible allows your guide to use their discretion when it comes to the schedule. Is there a sudden and rare photo opportunity? Is the weather not the best for the planned activity? Other, larger tour groups have to plow on, blindly, regardless of the situation. AAU’s guides, often with input from the tour group, can make the decisions that determine whether your Alaska tour is merely typical … or out of this world!

Another advantage to our smaller tour groups is the number of activities that just are not available to other, larger tour operators. Our Knik River jet boat tours, for example, or our Matanuska Glacier rafting trips. Things like our Hatcher Pass photography hikes, and other amazing experiences of a lifetime would simply not be possible.

Even at places that all tour groups can go, our smaller group size is an advantage. You’ll have more time to enjoy the experience, rather than spending that time in a queue, patiently awaiting your allotted few seconds of the experience.

We also provide a wide variety of tour types: Family tours, corporate tours, women’s groups, and adult-only tours. With Alaska Adventure Unlimited, there’s a tour type to suit everyone’s tastes!

Speaking of taste, on an AAU tour, your meal package is included. Most other land tour companies don’t include meals or, if they do, it’s buffet style or a “required” meal. That’s just not our style.

The Alaska Adventure Unlimited Advantage

So go ahead: give yourself the Alaska Adventure Unlimited advantage. Browse through our Alaska vacation packages, see which one is right for you, and don’t be afraid to ask questions or make custom requests! We’ll do all we can to make your Alaska adventure the very best it can be!