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Searching For Family-Friendly Alaskan Vacations?

March 17th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

Alaska Adventure Unlimited's Family-Friendly Alaskan VacationsLooking for an Alaska tour company that provides truly family-friendly Alaskan vacations? Look no further! Alaska Adventure Unlimited offers a wide range of kid-friendly Alaska tours!

It can be frustrating when you plan a trip for the whole family only to discover that children aren’t actually welcome. There are a lot of tour companies out there that won’t accommodate children. It’s even worse when they say they are family-friendly, then fail to honestly consider your children’s needs, treating them more like baggage than guests.

At Alaska Adventure Unlimited, our family-friendly Alaskan vacations really are kid-friendly. More than just making sure they have a seat outside the baggage compartment, our tours are designed to keep all members of the family entertained.

That is why Alaska Adventure Unlimited is the #1 provider of family-friendly Alaskan vacations!

When you book a tour with Alaska Adventure Unlimited, we make sure the trip itinerary includes activities and interests for family members of all ages. Alaska is kid-friendly all on its own – but maybe not in the same way that it is for adults. We work hard to make sure that your children get to experience Alaska at a level they can appreciate.

One of the ways we do this is through our guide-led, Jr. Ranger Program. The Jr. Ranger Program approaches wilderness appreciation from an entertaining angle proven to be effective with younger children. Through this program, they will have a grand time soaking up all kinds of facts about Alaska and the natural world.

Of course, even the best-planned schedule has some downtime in it. Adults tend to appreciate or at least not mind these breaks so much but kids can find them terribly boring! For those unavoidable downtimes, we offer a variety of educational entertainment options. DVD’s like Monty Moose and Arctic Friends are available to entertain your children in between destinations.

We also provide Wilderness Experience Backpacks. These are packed with reading materials, coloring supplies, sticker books, toys, and more. These carefully chosen materials not only distract but also educate as they entertain!

Another great way to avoid taking your child on the trip from … heck is to help you connect with other, like-minded families for a group experience. Now your child – and theirs! – will have someone their own level to play and share the experience their Alaska experience with. You’ll have the chance to make some new friends, too. It’s a big win-win!

Finally, Alaska Adventure Unlimited’s guides are all experienced parents or educators. We’re not just comfortable with kids, we like them and are familiar with the ups and downs of traveling with them.

Family-Friendly Alaskan Vacations

Don’t let the worry that your child won’t have enough to do keep you from taking the Alaska adventure of a lifetime. Reserve your family-friendly Alaska vacation with Alaska Adventure Unlimited, now!

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