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Have the Time of Your Life on an Alaska Bear Viewing Adventure!

March 27th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

Alaska Bear Viewing AdventureThere are a thousand and one reasons to visit Alaska but easily one of the most popular is for an Alaska bear viewing tour. And why not? These magnificent creatures are big, beautiful, and breathtaking to behold in the wild!

There’s nothing quite like seeing an Alaskan brown bear in its natural habitat. Seeing them in zoos and photos can be fascinating and fun but it just isn’t quite the same as seeing them in person in their natural environment.

Luckily, going on an Alaska bear viewing adventure isn’t that hard. As a matter of fact, Alaska Adventure Unlimited offers two different Alaska bear viewing opportunities. We call them our Ursus Bear Habitat Encounters!

One trip takes you to Katmai National Park, the other to Lake Clark National Park. Both trips involve short, scenic flights from Anchorage. As if seeing wild bears isn’t enough, both journeys include flights past active volcanoes and into the Alaskan wilderness!

Alaska Bear Viewing Adventure

The Lake Clark National Park Bear Viewing Adventure (7 hours)
After a one hour flight to Lake Clark National Park, you will meet your guide and go through a bear safety orientation. After that, you’ll all head out for some of the best bear viewing opportunities Alaska offers. These beaches and prairies are so lush and inviting, they draw black bears as well as brown bears. Maybe you’ll get lucky and see both! Your excursion includes a box lunch to keep you going through the bear viewing and short flight back to Anchorage.

The Brooks Falls Bear Viewing Adventure (10 hours)
The flight to bear viewing in Katmai National Park takes you south along the Cook Inlet. A highlight of the trip is the flight through Lake Clark Pass; a massive crack in the otherwise impassable mountain range. After landing in Katmai, you will go through a safety orientation, then head out to the bear viewing platform. There are no guarantees but, if you’re really hoping for that iconic “bear catching a salmon” picture, this is where you’ll get it. A pack lunch is included.

You can go on either of our Alaska bear viewing adventures as separate day-trips or as an add-on to any of our multi-day adventures.

Alaska bear viewing trips are very popular because the likelihood of you seeing a bear – or many bears – is quite good. Unfortunately, there can be no guarantee. These bears are wild and free, after all, not performers awaiting your attention. If you hope to go, be sure to ask about the best times to visit.