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Hike, Raft, and Flightsee Glaciers On Our Alaska Glacier Tours!

April 19th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

Hike, Raft, and Flightsee Glaciers On Our Alaska Glacier Tours!Did you know that there are almost as many types of Alaska glacier tours as there are types of glaciers? You can hike or walk on some glaciers, raft past them, flightsee them, even land a skiplane plane on them! With Alaska Adventure Unlimited, you can do all that and more!

Most folks seem familiar with the kind of Alaska glacier tours where you visit a glacier from the water. While this can be a great experience, especially if you’re lucky enough to be there when a glacier calves an iceberg, it’s definitely not the only kind of glacier tour!

Alaska has an estimated 100,000-plus glaciers and they’re not all alike. Only some of them are down at the coast. Many are high in the mountains and others are somewhere are in between. At Alaska Adventure Unlimited, we visit most of the types of glaciers out there – and in a variety of ways!

As a matter of fact, most of our multi-day Alaska tours provide the opportunity to visit more than one glacier. Plus, you’ll visit each one in a different way!

The largest – and perhaps most magnificent – glacier in the US accessible by car is Matanuska Glacier. Matanuska Glacier is a 27 mile long, 4 mile wide valley glacier located between the Alaskan cities of Palmer and Glennallen. This massive river of ice feeds the Matanuska River. You’ll be in awe of Matanuska Glacier on sight alone – but looking is just the beginning!

Seeing a glacier from a distance can be stunning but you’ll only discover the true beauty of glaciers up close on a glacier trek! Strap on your ice cleats, grab your walking stick and come discover the geology, history, and secrets of Matanuska Glacier. You’ll marvel at the different kinds of ice: the deep, turquoise blue depths and startlingly clear, diamond-like ice crystals.

Another fascinating way to see a glacier is on a relaxing and scenic “Glacier Run” rafting trip!

Our glacier rafting trip is the perfect opportunity for relaxed sightseeing and shutterbugging. The leisurely and calm flow of the current will allow you to enjoy what’s around you rather than worrying about getting wet. A safe, fun, and relaxing way to visit a glacier.

Another glacier Alaska Adventure Unlimited visits is Knik Glacier. Knik Glacier is 50 miles east of Anchorage at the northern end of the Chugach Mountains. Another of Alaska’s larger glaciers, Knik Glacier is 28 miles long, 6 miles wide, and over 1000 feet thick.

When you visit Knik Glacier with us, it’s aboard an airboat! Our airboat trip takes you to the the base of Knik Glacier in Lake George, an iceberg dammed lake. Knik Glacier is 600,000 years old and always a highlight of anyone’s trip.

Another great way to see the majesty of Alaska’s glaciers is on a flightseeing trip with a glacier landing!

One of our more popular deluxe Alaska glacier tours is the Denali Flightseeing & Glacier Landing. This stunning flight will take you within six miles of Mt. McKinley’s summit as you fly over Denali National Park. Visit a rugged and beautiful world of high mountain peaks and wide glacier filled valleys that will awe and humble you at the same time.

Your pilot will narrate the flight and direct you to points of interest. Everyone will have their own window seat so they wont miss out on things like the Sheldon Amphitheater, Ruth Glacier, and the world’s deepest gorge, Great Gorge: almost 2 miles deep! Your tour includes landing your skiplane on a glacier! So very exciting!

Alaska Galcier Tours

Can you believe that every one of the experiences I have outlined above are avialble on almost everyone of our multi-day tours? It’s true! You can do each and every one of these Alaska glacier tour types with Alaska Adventure Unlimited and all during the same vacation!

What’s more, this wonderful collection of adventures barely scratches the surface of all you’ll do during one of our multi-day Alaska vacations! Visit our Alaska Guided Tour Comparison Chart to find the Alaska Adventure Unlimited vacation package that suits you!