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Alaska Adventure Unlimited – The Very Best Alaska Vacations

June 26th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

Alaska Adventure Unlimited - the very best Alaska land tours

See incredible sights like this on one of our Alaska land tours!

There are many different companies offering Alaska vacations out there but none like Alaska Adventure Unlimited. We offer a wide variety of what we think are the very best, multi-day Alaska tours you’ll find.

What makes Alaska Adventure Unlimited’s tours so great?

Read on and see!

One of the biggest reasons we’re confident that we provide some of the very best Alaska vacations available is our staff. Everyone who works for Alaska Adventure Unlimited lives in and loves Alaska. Our crew’s combined years of dedication and expertise guarantees you an Alaska experience only long-time residents can provide. We may not all be native but Alaska is our forever home and we bring that passion and dedication to our work.

Another reason we’re confident that we offer the best Alaska land tours is our smaller tour groups. At Alaska Adventure Unlimited, we keep our group size down to 14 guests, maximum. A smaller group means easier transportation, quicker starts, shorter lines at attractions, and greater flexibility on your Alaska wilderness tour. Further, smaller groups can go on adventures not offered to larger tours.

Alaska Adventure Unlimited’s executive mini-coaches are smaller than the vehicles used by many other tour companies. Again, this size difference allows for greater tour flexibility. Smaller vehicles allow us to go deeper into the Alaskan wilderness than other, larger tour vehicles. But you don’t have to sacrifice comfort at Alaska Adventure Unlimited! Our tour vehicles are roomy and comfortable with your luggage – up to two bags a person! – safely stored on our luggage trailer.

Alaska Adventure Unlimited’s Alaska land tours include high-end and off-the-beaten-path activities other companies charge extra for, if they do them at all! Like what? Jetboat safaris, glacier treks, white-water rafting, gold-panning, and much, much more. Take a look at our tour comparison chart to see all the wild and unusual things we do!

Another big difference with Alaska Adventure Unlimited is that most your meals are included in the package. Most other land tour companies either let you fend for yourself or provide an unappetizing buffet style or “required” meal. Not so with us! We know how important good meals are to your happiness and a tour’s success – two things we care about very much!

Alaska Adventure Unlimited – The Very Best Alaska Vacations

I could go on but I think you get the picture. Our Alaska vacations are some of the best because of a number of simple, yet important differences. Our local guides and love of what we do; uncommonly small tour groups and fleet vehicles; our high-end activities and off-the-beaten-path destinations; and the included meals.

There are many companies out there offering Alaska land tours but not all are equal. It’s important to pick the one with the most flexibility, knowledge, experience, and value. That’s Alaska Adventure Unlimited.