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Top 10 Best Experiences on our Alaska Guided Land Tours

September 5th, 2023 by aauadmin

Are you ready for an Alaska Adventure of a lifetime? Here are the Top 10 Best Experiences on our Alaska Guided Land Tours

  1. The number one reason most people love to experience on our land tours is the friendships you build with fellow passengers. You start out as strangers on day 1 and by the end of the adventure you have seen & experienced more of Alaska together. Camaraderie is strengthened through each excursion, group dinner, and adventure! At the end of your tour, you will build a stronger bond than just cruising or driving solo around Alaska.
    Family of four standing on a blue glacier in Alaska
  2. There is always the chance of wildlife encounters in Alaska! You just never know what you might see while on tour with us. Denali National Park gives you the chance to see moose, bear, caribou, wolves, and beavers.

  3. Seward gives you the chance for marine wildlife encounters & tidewater glaciers. Was that a pod of orcas? Or a group of humpbacks breaching? You may have a chance to see a puffin in their natural habitat. If you don’t get your fill of  wildlife & glaciers, you can always visit the Sealife Center for more wildlife encounters.Family of four standing on a blue glacier in Alaska
  4. The fourth best experience are our breathtaking views from your overnight accommodations. We use family-owned & operated accommodations. This makes our tours feel like you are truly experiencing Alaska. We stay at properties that have lake, creek side, or mountain views. Bonus: You never know what type of Alaska wildlife might stop by for a visit!
  5. Otherworldly encounters on your glacier trek! Ever walked on a massive hunk of ice?! Well, you are in for a treat as you traverse the glacial moraine and step onto the face of a dazzling valley glacier.

    Alaska Adventure Unlimited guided land tour top 10 experience

  6. Soar high above the Alaska Range and see just how expansive the landscape of Alaska can be. Jagged peaks of Denali, Mt. Hunter & Foraker jut from the earth. Land on a glacier and experience the thrill of miles of glaciers all to yourself.
  7. Take on the white water or enjoy the scenic views! We have two rafting options that please all types of thrill seekers.Alaska Adventure Unlimited guided land tour top 10 experience
  8. Dine like a local. Salmon, king crab, or reindeer dogs, we’ve got something for everyone! We take you to some of the best eateries that give you a flavor sampling of some of our favorite Alaskan cuisine.

    Tour Alaska in AAU's Luxury Conversion Limo-Van

  9. With our planned and curated itineraries all you have to do is show up in Alaska and we take it from there! We provide you with accommodations, transportation with a local Alaskan driver guide, most meals, and incredible excursions that will leave you with memories for a lifetime.Alaska Adventure Unlimited guided land tour guide
  10. Our guides really are the heart of the tour. With their local Alaska knowledge, ability to think on their feet and pivot if weather or construction diverts plans. They LOVE what they do & you will too. The planning is taken out of your hands and turned into a journey with your tour guide. Come experience the adventure yourself!

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