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Top 10 Best Experiences on our Alaska Guided Land Tours

September 5th, 2023 by aauadmin

Are you ready for an Alaska Adventure of a lifetime? Here are the Top 10 Best Experiences on our Alaska Guided Land Tours

  1. The number one reason most people love to experience on our land tours is the friendships you build with fellow passengers. You start out as strangers on day 1 and by the end of the adventure you have seen & experienced more of Alaska together. Camaraderie is strengthened through each excursion, group dinner, and adventure! At the end of your tour, you will build a stronger bond than just cruising or driving solo around Alaska.
    Family of four standing on a blue glacier in Alaska
  2. There is always the chance of wildlife encounters in Alaska! You just never know what you might see while on tour with us. Denali National Park gives you the chance to see moose, bear, caribou, wolves, and beavers.

  3. Seward gives you the chance for marine wildlife encounters & tidewater glaciers. Was that a pod of orcas? Or a group of humpbacks breaching? You may have a chance to see a puffin in their natural habitat. If you don’t get your fill of  wildlife & glaciers, you can always visit the Sealife Center for more wildlife encounters.Family of four standing on a blue glacier in Alaska
  4. The fourth best experience are our breathtaking views from your overnight accommodations. We use family-owned & operated accommodations. This makes our tours feel like you are truly experiencing Alaska. We stay at properties that have lake, creek side, or mountain views. Bonus: You never know what type of Alaska wildlife might stop by for a visit!
  5. Otherworldly encounters on your glacier trek! Ever walked on a massive hunk of ice?! Well, you are in for a treat as you traverse the glacial moraine and step onto the face of a dazzling valley glacier.

    Alaska Adventure Unlimited guided land tour top 10 experience

  6. Soar high above the Alaska Range and see just how expansive the landscape of Alaska can be. Jagged peaks of Denali, Mt. Hunter & Foraker jut from the earth. Land on a glacier and experience the thrill of miles of glaciers all to yourself.
  7. Take on the white water or enjoy the scenic views! We have two rafting options that please all types of thrill seekers.Alaska Adventure Unlimited guided land tour top 10 experience
  8. Dine like a local. Salmon, king crab, or reindeer dogs, we’ve got something for everyone! We take you to some of the best eateries that give you a flavor sampling of some of our favorite Alaskan cuisine.

    Tour Alaska in AAU's Luxury Conversion Limo-Van

  9. With our planned and curated itineraries all you have to do is show up in Alaska and we take it from there! We provide you with accommodations, transportation with a local Alaskan driver guide, most meals, and incredible excursions that will leave you with memories for a lifetime.Alaska Adventure Unlimited guided land tour guide
  10. Our guides really are the heart of the tour. With their local Alaska knowledge, ability to think on their feet and pivot if weather or construction diverts plans. They LOVE what they do & you will too. The planning is taken out of your hands and turned into a journey with your tour guide. Come experience the adventure yourself!

Give us a call today to book your Guided Alaska vacation in 2024!

2023 TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Award!

July 10th, 2023 by aauadmin

For the 5th year, we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the 2023 TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Award! We cannot thank you all enough for those of you who have adventured with us & left us such amazing reviews!


“My wife and I have travelled a lot over our 25 years of marriage and normally plan everything ourselves. When we started looking at Alaska, it was overwhelming about where to go, what to do, and with whom to schedule “adventures” with. When we found AAU, it looked like their 10-day Grand Discovery Tour had a great mix of educational opportunities and activities. It is rare that something exceeds our expectations, but this tour definitely did. Most importantly, everything was as advertised. All details of the trip were taken care of and occurred as planned; it was very smooth. We were tentative about traveling with a group, but AAU’s small group (ours was 13) allowed some genuine relationships to form, but there was still freedom at times to be on your own. The various experiences led by their partners (whitewater rafting, walking on a glacier, whale-sealift-glacier cruise, etc.) were amazing and professionally done. Lastly, our diver and tour guide (Dorothy) was amazing. As a native Alaskan, she knew just about everything. She frequently shared information while we were riding to our next location, and she was expert about information when we arrived. She also worked in other stops not on the official list that provide “local Alaskan” flavor. She also did an amazing job keeping the 15 passenger tour bus (which is very spacious by the way) clean at all times during our travels. I very, very rarely take the time to review anyone or anything. Even before my trip was over, I knew I would make the effort when I returned so others could experience the wonderful time we had when visiting Alaska themselves. This was an excellent experience, and if you are looking to learn about Alaska during your trip and have a ton a fun doing it, I would definitely consider using AAU. If you do, make sure to select the Gold Star on the Alaskan Train; you will not be sorry you spent the extra money.” 2023 AAU Guest


We appreciate all of your kind words & love that we can be part of your lifetime memories. Thank you for helping us earn the 2023 TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Award. Please continue to share your photos & adventure stories with us for years to come.

How to Travel to Alaska

July 10th, 2023 by aauadmin

There is truly so much that you can experience while you are in Alaska. The most common question we receive is how to travel to Alaska?  Most people who visit only get to experience a tiny portion of the state. Alaska is massive! Our state is about 2.5 times the state of Texas with less than one million people. There is so much to explore here. People often cruise, drive themselves, or take group land tours. All options offer something unique and our preferred way is on our small group guided land tour.

Which option is best: Cruising? Self-drive? Guided Land Tour?

Cruising allows you to see the massive coastline, but you miss out on what truly makes Alaska special: the immense wilderness. Others choose to drive themselves. While that option seems like a good idea, Alaska is unlike any place you have ever traveled. Roads are long, and stops are few & far between. It takes hours to get from one destination to the next & often leaves people feeling like they are missing out on parts of the state. With our guided land tours we take the planning out of your hands and provide you with a vacation to relax & enjoy the adventure. Our guided land tours of Alaska allow you to see so many different parts of Alaska you will have a hard time deciding which place and adventure were your favorites.


Alaska is best experienced through a guide that knows Alaska well.

Our guides are all local Alaskans. Most have grown up in Alaska so the roads, stops & scenery are second nature. We are able to stop along our adventures & point out history as well as share local stories that most would miss by driving this alone. Alaska’s scenery is breathtaking but the local stories help tie you to the land. Hearing about how your guide caught their first salmon on the river you just crossed, or rode their snowmachine over the mountain ranges you can see, or assisted with swift water rescues across the state makes you feel like more than just a tourist. We have guides that help with the Iditarod sled dog race, and guides that have more hunting & fishing stories than you could dream of. There is more to see & learn by being connected to the people that call Alaska home. If you are truly looking to experience Alaska, a guided land tour is the way to go. If you are thinking about how to travel to Alaska, give us a call today to discuss your options for your Alaska Adventure.

Group of travelers holding various yellow & black road signs in front of a road-side shack that says Wal-Mikes.

Make 2024 Your Year for Alaska Adventure!

April 26th, 2023 by aauadmin

With Alaska Adventure Unlimited you will have non-stop adventure from the moment you board our executive mini-coach for our 2024 Alaska Land Tours.

Alaska Adventure gold Coach with green foliage and snow capped mountains of the Alaska range in the background.

We take you on 6-14 day guided land tours across Southcentral Alaska with a resident guide who has stories and experience with all the Alaskan landscapes you will visit. They will give you a sense of what it’s like to live & grow up here in Alaska.

We provide the ease of a vacation with the adventure of the Alaska Wilderness!

Each day of your tour is planned for you including accommodations and excursions. Raft one day, flightsee the next, riverboat to a glacier, see wildlife in the gulf of Alaska! We offer active activities each day of the tour so you’re sure to experience more than most Alaskans do in a summer!

Our guided landed tours are small groups which gives us the flexibility to make stops for wildlife and soaking in the landscape around us. We cap each tour at 14 guests to provide a more exclusive experience of Alaska. We have adult & family friendly departures all summer long.

Family of four standing on a blue glacier in Alaska

This is a bucket list adventure you’re not going to want to miss out on. Step into our Wilderness and see why many say we are much more than a cruise destination! Click here for 2024 Alaska Land Tours availability!

Two young adults stand in rafting gear next to blue rafts.


What to Pack for Your Alaska Vacation

October 24th, 2022 by aauadmin

The most common question we are asked is what should I pack for my Alaska vacation? Alaska weather can vary from the morning to afternoon so we always suggest bringing multiple layers. For example, a t-shirt, thin long sleeve, sweatshirt or zip up waterproof jacket. You won’t need a giant parka or snow gear as we don’t reach freezing temperatures in the summer. 

Depending on what month you are visiting us our weather can vary from mid 50’s to high 70’s! In these months we get everything from sunny to rainy days. Our weather is pretty unpredictable but the best part about Alaska is that there is always adventure around the corner no matter what the weather. We have ponchos and umbrellas in every mini-executive coach.

Our tours are very active so you will want to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move around. We suggest comfortable walking shoes and extra socks for times such as the glacier walks that might be a little muddy. 

You’ll also want to make sure you have your camera and phone chargers with plenty of storage or memory as Alaska has breathtaking views all around you. We also suggest having a little day bag with you where you can access your snacks, extra jacket or socks, and wallet. Your luggage will typically be in our luggage trailer or in your accommodations during your excursions so having a backpack accessible in the mini-coach is helpful for keeping all your things together and accessible. day pack for your excursions

For more information check out our Packing & Protocols download! If you still have questions feel free to give us a call we would love to chat with you more about what to pack for your Alaska Vacation!

2023 Adventure Tour Upgrades

October 18th, 2022 by aauadmin

Our 2023 summer tour season is looking to be the best one yet! We have some amazing 2023 tour upgrades available. On top of the incredible adventures that are included on all of our tours (rafting, river boats, glacier viewing, Kenai Fjords National Park Wildlife and Glacier Cruise, Denali National Park exploration to name a few) we have some bucket list adventure upgrades available.

No adventure is complete without seeing the brown bears of Katmai or Lake Clark National Park feasting on salmon or wrestling with their cubs on a beach.

Both scenic bear viewing options offer a unique way to see the coastal brown bear in their natural habitat. Just a short plane ride from Anchorage you will step into brown bear habitat.

Coastal Brown Bears feasting on Salmon

NEW FOR 2023!

The Helicopter Glacier Landing is a private helicopter ride for 3. You will land on the Matanuska Glacier in Glacier View and walk around a glacier pool. There is also the chance of spotting wildlife from the helicopter.

Normally the Matanuska Glacier experience is your tour group of about 14 people trekking the glacier for a few miles. With the helicopter glacier landing you will land right on the glacier and get to experience the glacier in solitude. There is no public access to this part of the glacier making this a magical wilderness experience.

This could be you! Experience the awe of the glacial blue waters as the Chugach Mountain Range juts up around you. This helicopter glacier landing would replace your trek on the Matanuska Glacier but gives you a view like no other!

Reach out to us today to add your 2023 tour upgrades before space runs out!

Best Time to Visit Alaska

September 23rd, 2022 by aauadmin

The most common question we hear from people hoping to travel to Alaska is when is the best time to visit Alaska? The Alaska summer season is a short window from the end of May to the beginning of September. In that time it is packed with baby animals, fishing, wild flowers, and adventures galore!

Green Norther Lights in a black sky

October – March in Alaska

These are typically the colder, snowier months. You can experience some of our coldest temperatures during these months. It’s also the best time to try and see the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights because it’s typically clear and dark during this time. The Northern Lights are like the weather and often hard to predict so you will want to make sure you allow enough time to have a chance to see them. Typically we recommend four to seven days. Our Chalets give our guests a unique opportunity to sometimes see them from your front porch.Two log cabin chalets in Alaska

June in Alaska

June is filled with all the new baby animals and greenery sprouting every day! It is also the start of the salmon fishing season! June weather in Alaska typically gets warmer as the month progresses which also adds to the beauty of the landscape as the flowers start blooming creating a gorgeous tapestry along the mountains as you explore.

Purple fireweed with a glacier lake

July in Alaska

July is the best time for salmon and halibut fishing. People come from all over the world to try their hand at catching some of the most delicious fish around. With the salmon come the bears! Katmai and Lake Clark are usually inundated with the large coastal brown bears getting their fill on their favorite treat. It is really a sight to see. Our wild flowers are in full bloom at this time and the purples and pinks of the fireweed flower have started to enhance the landscape even more. The sun is also out for almost 20 hours a day at this point so there is plenty of time for activities and enjoyment of the nature that surrounds you here.

Bears catching salmon at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park

August in Alaska

August sees a change in weather and landscape as the fireweed changes from pinks to purple and eventually cotton to signify that winter will soon be returning. This month is a great time to catch a glimpse of the larger animals getting ready for winter in Denali National Park. Down in Seward the marine wildlife are getting ready to migrate to warmer waters.

A group of rafters smiling on the bank

September in Alaska

September highlights our very short fall season. All the leaves change from green to a golden yellow with a fall breeze. The reds and oranges of the tundra moss line the hillsides in a variety of multi-colors. September is prime photography time for the fall colors. You may even have a chance at collecting wild blueberries or cranberries!

Orange and yellow fall leaves with a river and Alaska mountain in the distance

Alaska truly offers something incredible every month of the year. All you have to do is decide what you would like to see and experience.

Destination: Alaska

September 19th, 2022 by aauadmin

Is 2023 your year to get out an explore? Looking for the perfect mixture of adventure, scenery, wildlife, and memories for the entire family? Destination: Alaska is the best place for you to visit! Family of four standing on a blue glacier in Alaska

Alaska is Massive

Alaska is filled with so much to explore and it cannot be done in one day. That is where we come in to help! All of our tours provide you and your traveling companions with excursions and activities daily. We travel from Anchorage to Denali National Park with stops in Talkeetna, Wasilla, and Glacier View. Walk on a glacier one day, flight see over majestic Denali and the Alaska Range the next, take the Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise down in Seward to see marine wildlife and glaciers up close and personal. Feeling more adventurous? Add on stops to Katmai National Park or visit Wrangell St-Elias National Park and have a chance to visit Valdez and Whitter for added Alaska experiences.

Group of rafters smiling on the bank

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Experience a multitude of transportations as you take planes, trains, river boats, and travel in style on our exclusive mini-coach with less than 14 people per departure. These are just a few of the exciting memories you will take home with you. Each of our tours is led by a lifelong Alaskan who shares their passion for this beautiful state with you! They have knowledge that you won’t get from just anyone. Plus stories about what life is like here year round. Our guides live and breath Alaska every single day – you are sure to experience Alaska through the eyes of a local.

Alaska Adventure Unlimited Executive Mini-coach


Local Alaska Experts

We have been leading Alaska land tours for over 26 years giving us the hard earned title of authentic Alaska experts. Many people select our company for their Alaska vacation because of our local land tour knowledge and ease of planning. The Alaska tour season is short, typically June to the beginning of September which means that accommodations, dining reservations & rental cars book up quickly – usually a year in advance for peak season.

As your guides, you will not have to worry about any of that. We have your tour activities, lodging, dining reservations and more booked and coordinated so that the planning is taken out of your hands. Check out our tour itinerary of Alaska here.

Keystone canyon waterfall with greenery


Make this your year of travel to Destination: Alaska with Alaska Adventure Unlimited!

TripAdvisor’s 2022 Traveler’s Choice!

September 1st, 2022 by aauadmin


We are thrilled to have been awarded TripAdvisor’s 2022 Traveler’s Choice for guided land tours in Alaska! Our clients make our job worthwhile and their reviews standout among some of the best. See what our client’s have to say about our land tours!

Ski plane on a glacier in the Alaska Range

  • So much better than a cruise!

    We had a fantastic time on the Discovery tour through AAU. I can’t tell how many times my husband and family said we were so glad our cruise got cancelled by Covid. This was sooo much better than the Alaskan cruise we had planned. Just 14 people in an incredibly comfortable large van. Everyone on the trip got along well even though most of us just met there. Suzanne was our driver and guide and she was the best!! Having lived in Alaska for much of her life, she had great things to share. Answered all our questions. Was patient with a couple of us who walk a little slower. Every detail was planned perfectly. Our accommodations comfortable. The special daily adventures were great and varied . We had a raft ride, two airboat rides and walking on a glacier. One airboat drove right among glaciers. Tour of a native village display and fur camping site, some chose extra plane trips and Dog sledding. We all enjoyed six hours out in the bay viewing wildlife to round out our trip… Some of us chose to ride on the Gold Star section of the Alaskan railroad which includes a meal and has a glass dome. Well worth the extra money. Our train went from Anchorage to Seward. In Seward we took an incredible wildlife viewing boat seeing several whales, sea lions, puffins, seals, sea otter, and right up close to a huge glacier. Another interesting thing some of us chose was to see the sled dogs and ride on a wagon pulled by the dogs. I feel like the 10 days planned by this company, provided such a great composite of what Alaska is like. Their choice of restaurants and accommodations were great. Every detail planned out ahead of time. We added a day before and a day after in Anchorage just to relax and not feel so hurried. I highly recommend Alaska Adventure Unlimited!

    Two people surrounded by snow capped mountains

  • A Grand Trip that Promised Many Things and Delivered on them ALL!We just completed an eight day deluxe adventure trip with Alaska Adventure Unlimited this past June 2022. It was a family trip with two grandparents, two parents and three grandchildren (Ages 9, 12 and 14). The trip exceeded our expectations in so many ways. Our tour guide, Lyle, was professional, personable, knowledgeable and fun to travel with. All of the transitions and appointments went off seamlessly and on time. We also really appreciated the staff of Erica and Melissa for making this all come together and for quickly answering all of our questions. The hotel accommodations were first class as were the dining arrangements. Our favorite parts of the adventure were the Knik Glacier, the cruise of Resurrection Bay, the Flightseeing over Denali, and traveling on the Gold Star Alaska Railway. We saw black bears (3), moose (12+), humpback whales, orcas, eagles, sea lions, seals, otters, caribou, and a large cat in Talkeetna who some call the mayor. Our modes of transportation included; a jet boat, small airplane to cross Mt. Denali, comfortable mini bus, river rafts, kayaks, pontoon boat, cruise boat, train, tour bus in Denali, limo, a twelve dog sled ride, and a five-ton U.S. army truck to ford a river. We all officially love Alaska and the Alaskan Adventure Unlimited staff.Kayaks on a clear lake reflecting the clouds
  • Can’t say enough about this tour company and experience. Our tour guide (Dorothy) was incredible – knowledgeable, friendly, and thoughtful with every detail. AAU seamlessly coordinated every aspect of our trip. All we had to do was choose our activities and show up! Nothing was left to chance, and plans were reworked when necessity called. The tour company offered so many different types of active adventure activities (white water rafting, zip lining, ATV riding, river boating, glacier hiking, flying etc) and was so customizable to fit our needs. Alaska is an amazing place, and I am so glad we chose to go with AAU. We hope to be back again to explore some more!

    Alaska railroad cars passing a glacier

  • We enjoyed the BEST OF ALASKA 8 day tour and the experience was outstanding. Every day was better than the day before. The tour ran like clockwork and our guide Dorothy was in a class by herself. She was enthusiastic, informative, and friendly. She became like family. It was easy to see she loved her state and was genuinely excited to share her stories with us. The Whitewater and Glacier Run floats were energizing and beautiful. The Mat-Su Glacier Park was interesting and we loved exploring the glacier as Dorothy skillfully guided us through the ever- changing ice fields. Our Flightseeing and Glacier Landing was rained out and Dorothy managed to rearrange our itinerary so we could enjoy that magical time on a later day. Customized service was at the forefront of this experience. Dorothy made extra coffee/latte stops as we crisscrossed the region. She made the trip special for our family. As a special surprise during our last meal together, Dorothy bought a large cheesecake and the group celebrated my father-in-law’s 90th birthday. It was the perfect touch to an unforgettable week of breathtaking vistas and once-in-a -lifetime experiences. As our millennial children shared with us as they returned from the helicopter ride and glacier dog sled tour with grandpa (the 90 year old birthday boy), ‘THIS WAS THE BEST VACATION EVER’! Thank you for giving this gift of family time.

    Rock formation in the Gulf of Alaska

  • We had never done a multi day tour before. The Grand Discovery Alaska trip with Alaska Adventures Unlimited was hands down the best bucket list experience. We had a fantastic time. Jamie was an excellent guide and driver. Very personable. Lots of great tips. He timed everything perfectly! We will recommend this tour to all our friends. I recommend doing all the extra add ons. If you don’t you will wish you had:). We added the rafting tour, landed on glacier at Denali, dog sledding on glacier, katmai bear watching all day experience and salmon fishing.

2022 Alaska Adventure Tour Season is SOLD OUT!

August 16th, 2022 by aauadmin

What an incredible season it has been so far! With just a month left of our Alaska tour summer season we are officially SOLD OUT for 2022! But don’t worry our 2023 Alaska Vacation tour dates are available and booking up fast! Refer a friend and receive some fun AAU Adventure gear!

If you’ve ever wanted to raft the mighty rivers of Alaska or land on a glacier in the Alaska Range or learn about our state sport dog mushing! Now is the time to book your 2023 Alaska land tour!

We have tours for all types and ages. Special family departure dates are available too.  Check our Availability Calendar to see if there are any 2023 land tour departure dates that will work for you!

Check out our reviews to see how our adventurers have found our tours this year! 2022 Reviews


Top 5 Reasons to Visit Alaska

June 21st, 2022 by aauadmin

Alaska was recently listed as one of the best places to travel in the US in 2022 and we could not agree more! We love sharing our special slice of paradise with those from around the world. Every day brings a new adventure whether it is the landscapes, wildlife, or weather. Alaska is a place that you have to see to experience.

Glacier jetboat ride with smiling passengers
Our tours take you across our Great Land and give you the chance to connect with local Alaskans. You get to experience our way of life soaking in the midnight sun and enjoying our summer days. With included opportunities to raft, kayak, flightsee, or try your hand a dog mushing there is something for everyone. Plus add on a salmon or halibut fish to experience what it is like to live a subsistence lifestyle! On our tours, you will do more in your time here than most Alaskan’s have time to experience!

Here are our top 5 reasons to visit Alaska:

1. Wildlife: In Alaska we have the chance to see wildlife of all kinds. Moose, bears, wolves, Dall sheep, caribou, a plethora of marine mammals and wild birds are often spotted. You never know what you might encounter. There’s even a chance to play with some of our more domesticated friends: the huskies!

12 brown bears at Brook's Falls in Katmai National Park fishing for Alaska salmon

2. Glaciers: We have over 100,000 glaciers. On our tours we give you the chance to walk, boat and fly by ice fields, valley glaciers, hanging glaciers, and tidewater glaciers.

Red & blue ski plane on a glacier in the Alaska Range with passengers enjoying the view

3. Scenery: Mountains, glaciers, valleys, ever changing wildflowers, and ocean views are just some of the majestic sights you will see as you travel across the Great Land. You will be mesmerized by the tall snow capped peaks and lush green foliage. When the fireweed starts to bloom miles of pink & purple flowers paint the landscape.

Multi-colored mountains with lush green scenery below and a gray sky in Glacierview, Alaska

4. All Ages Adventure: There is a little something for everyone on our guided Alaska land tour. We continually have groups of friends, families, and solo travelers exploring the Last Frontier with us. Seeing the landscape from the eyes of a child or checking off a dream vacation on your 80th birthday, Alaska leaves a little bit of awe in everyone’s minds.

Two friends smiling next to a stack of blue rafts

5. The Midnight Sun: It never truly gets dark here in the summer. Which means plenty of opportunity to explore, spot wildlife or just enjoy the peace and tranquility.

Guests posing in front of the Denali National Park wooden entrance sign

We want you to fall in love with the place we call home by experiencing the different cities and landscapes with us! Join us for one of the best Alaska land tours in 2023! Click here for tour availability and adventure tour itineraries for our Alaska Land tours in 2023!

Go Green… And Now Save Green!

August 15th, 2020 by aauadmin


2023 Alaska Tours are Already Booking!

Many travelers consider how to “SEE” Alaska… whether by land, rail or ship.   As a conscientious tour operator, who strives to protect our environment, watching dumping of sewage in our local waters, overuse of our wetlands and littering in our wilderness, brings out our local passion for preserving the Last Frontier for the next generation to explore. You can help… call to book your 2023 Alaska Adventure, and remember to bring out what you take in!  Read our story and hear our heart.

Summer Spotlights:

Summer departure dates are open.  Act now to take advantage of available seats on your preferred tour date.  Several times a day, we get asked if we offer promotions or cost savings.  Generally, we find it is best of to offer value-added amenities, like our “Complimentary Beverages” on tour or some meals along the way.

Click here to check our availability

Or call an advisor to learn more!

Guest Raves prove… We are doing it Right!

August 10th, 2020 by aauadmin

Read reviews from AAU guests below Or click our Trip Advisor Award to see more!

  • “My husband and I went on the 10 day tour with AAU.  From the time we made our reservations and chose our options, the office staff, Erica and Corky, were always there to answer our questions and keep us informed.  We arrived at the Embassy Suite and were picked up the next day for our trip to begin. We traveled with 11 other folks that were so compatible. We had so much laughter. The vehicle we traveled in was top of the line with large windows for viewing the sights as we traveled to each destination. Our guide often spotted wildlife and would stop safely so we could observe and take pictures. Our guide, “Will”, a resident of AK was just the BEST. Knowledgeable, funny and patient. He helped one traveler who had some difficulty walking on the Glacier but with his help she was able to go all the way out and back being reassured and assisted the whole way.  Accommodations and food were great. We did rafting, kayaking, flightseeing, train, cruise on the Kenai (my favorite) landed on a glacier, airboat and jet boat to the Knik Glacier, and Bear Viewing. All the guides we had on those trips were great too.  We look forward to returning to AK for another adventure. THANKS AAU for a wonderful experience.”  Susie & Max, California 
  • “Thank you AAU for an amazing Discovery vacation tour!  Everything from the start of the process at booking to the finish of the trip was perfect!  Our guide Monty, was wonderful & made us feel like we were part of his family.  Anything we or the rest of the group needed was taken care of.  Even after we were on our own, Ms. Erica took care of us when our vouchers went missing, and faxed them to our cabin. The weather was amazing and we were left speechless at the beauty of Alaska.  We are already planning a trip back in the near future!  Thank you so much for the experience of a life time!!”  Sandie & Jim, Florida
  • “I just wanted to say a special thank you for helping us plan and enjoy our Alaska trip with AAU!!  It was a wonderful place to experience, even with my dad’s deteriorating health.  You made me feel better with all the arrangement and in giving me all the emergency contact information while I was away and Terry, our wonderful tour guide was a very interesting/knowledgeable person to spend a week with.  We traveled with very nice families and enjoyed our time.  Terry was so nice and diplomatic in both helping the handle any situation while helping us all receive what we wanted.  He is a wonderful guide and we would travel with him again.  Thanks again for the wonderful memories!!” Nancy & Neil, California
  • “I wanted to tell you that I had such a great trip on the 8 Day Best of Alaska 7/14-7/21 trip.  Best of Alaska it was!  We all loved our guide, Dwight.  And our group of 14 all got along so well.  We are staying in touch exchanging pictures.  Also, all of the tours you arranged for us (white water rafting, flight-seeing, air boat tour, train ride, fjords tour, sea kayaking, dog sled riding) – all of those folks were top-notch.  And so were all of the accommodations along the way.  Even the weather cooperated for the most part.  I have ZERO complaints and only high praise.  I will be sure to recommend you to my friends.  Everyone I know does a cruise to Alaska – but I think my photos and fun stories are making my friends re-think whether a cruise is really the best way to go.  We did SO much more and saw SO much more than people do on a cruise.  I’m so glad we did the trip and you all made it an excellent experience.  I hope our paths cross again some day.  Thank you again for some wonderful memories.”  Susan & Patricia, Texas
  • “We just got done with our tour of AK and I just wanted to let you know that it was really wonderful! We enjoyed ourselves immensely! Thanks a lot for all you did in arranging this tour. We had an amazing Alaska experience and we are really glad we chose to come here for our honeymoon/anniversary! Our tour guide Monty was the best! He was very friendly and informative and he kept the bus nice and clean for us. At first he was our tour guide and at the end he was our friend! He was also very helpful with everything and had everything down pat. Thanks again for everything! God bless.”  Jesse & Lauri, Ohio
  • “We have just returned home from our fabulous Alaska holiday. Thank you very much for your excellent arrangements and recommendations. Every thing was superb. Our land tour guide, was excellent!  You and your colleagues have made Alaska one of our most memorable trips. Thank you!”  Michelle, Hong Kong
  • “My husband and I felt the Alaska experience we had with Alaska Adventure Unlimited was the dream trip we had hoped it would be. From the initial information gathering phone call until we were dropped at the Anchorage airport to begin our journey home, everything went perfectly. The small group we traveled with soon became a cohesive body and we shared many exciting and hilarious times together. “Ki”, our guide, was phenomenal and never shown us anything but patience and command of every situation. Thank you for this indescribable experience.” Marilynn & Ernie
  • “Alaska Adventure Unlimited made our Alaska Summer Vacation the most amazing and wonderful experience! Our tour guide, “Dwight” was the main reason for our very fun and informative adventures. The small group tour allowed us to see more of Alaska and move faster from place to place. We made amazing new friends for life and would encourage everyone to make their Alaska Vacation dream come true with Alaska Adventure Unlimited. Thanks for the vacation of a life time!” Sherri
  • “Our trip with AAU was fantastic — It far exceeded our expectations! Our guide was so knowledgeable about the area and the people. Every detail for each day was planned perfectly, with no hiccups along the way. We have already recommended the tour to others, and are already planning our next trip to Alaska!” Linda
  • “The AAU Discovery of Alaska tour was fantastic. We hated to leave when it was over. Our tour Guide was outstanding- very knowledgeable, caring, flexible, and dedicated to making our tour the best it could be. The activities were all they were billed to be, and the small group size made everything doable. We left with wonderful memories of Alaska and our tour.” Carl
  • “Alaskan Adventures Unlimited gave us the trip of a lifetime. From start to finish every thing we did centered around our interests. The smaller size of the tour made it easy to accommodate everyone. The guide was extremely informational and very willing to make all our dreams come true. We can’t think of a thing we change.” Rose Ann
  • “It was truly a great trip which we’ll be talking about for years. I wish more of our grandkids had opted to go; but this size bunch was about right. We also thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to travel with the two other families and share the experiences with them. It was nice that the kids had peers to talk to instead of always to parents/g-parents. Thanks again.” Lynn
  • “Thanks for an EXCELLENT adventure! Everything – from booking to the completion of the trip – was first rate. We were reluctant to take a tour, but this was a great choice and exceeded our expectations.” Nancy 
  • “Dwight was an amazing guide whose talent for sharing Alaska is just amazing – he really made the trip personal for each of us, shared his history of Alaska as well as its history – was available 24/7 and was one of the best tour guides we have encountered and we have traveled a lot. Your gift to us was unexpected but is one of the items I cherish the most.I loved everything about the trip – the chalet was spectacular and no one really believes what we accomplished in 8 short days!! Thank you so much.” Alice & Ida Jean

Go Green With Our Environmentally Aware Alaska Tour Company

April 1st, 2019 by Corey A. Edwards

Alaska Adventure Unlimited - the Environmentally Aware Alaska Tour CompanyYou can feel good about booking your wilderness tour with Alaska Adventure Unlimited because we’re an environmentally aware Alaska tour company.

Alaska Adventure Unlimited offers lots of differences and advantages. From our off-the-beaten-path destinations and smaller tour sizes to our locally-sourced crew’s combined years of dedication and expertise.

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Value Added Meal Plan!

December 16th, 2017 by aauadmin

Wonderful Additions!…SteakWineDinnerSm

  • Meals: (Breakfasts, Lunches & Dinners)
    50-60% included in most itineraries. Review each itinerary for included meals. (B,L,D)
  • Pricing Structure!
    Deluxe Tours:  Includes high-end activities like flightseeing & First Class Domed Rail!
    Quality Tours: Perfect for moderate budgets, while still including most activities!
  • Deposit Structure!
    Early Bookings benefit by lowered deposits!
    25% Due at Time of Booking.
    50% Due by Nov 15, 2019
    100% Due by Feb 15, 2020
  • Spotlight on “Fully Guided” Itinerary!
    10-Day Vision of Alaska
    May (Open to individuals) & Late August Departures (Groups Only)

Alaska Adventure Unlimited – The Very Best Alaska Vacations

June 26th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

Alaska Adventure Unlimited - the very best Alaska land tours

See incredible sights like this on one of our Alaska land tours!

There are many different companies offering Alaska vacations out there but none like Alaska Adventure Unlimited. We offer a wide variety of what we think are the very best, multi-day Alaska tours you’ll find.

What makes Alaska Adventure Unlimited’s tours so great?

Read on and see!

One of the biggest reasons we’re confident that we provide some of the very best Alaska vacations available is our staff. Everyone who works for Alaska Adventure Unlimited lives in and loves Alaska.

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Wildlife, Waves, and Wilderness on a Kenai Fjords National Park Tour!

June 16th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

Kenai Fjords National Park tour

Get set for awesome sights like this on your Kenai Fjords National Park tour!

There are endless things to see and do on an Alaskan vacation. One attraction that has a LOT of what people come to Alaska for – wilderness, wildlife, glaciers – is Kenai Fjords National Park!

Kenai Fjords National Park is 1,000 square miles of some of the most impenetrable and gorgeous wilderness in Alaska. Kenai Fjords is on the southern coast of the Kenai Peninsula. The park was named for the many fjords that were carved by glaciers sliding down the mountains into the sea.

The park was initially established as a National Monument in 1978, then a National Park in 1980. Its borders encircle the Harding Icefield, one of the world’s largest icefields and the park’s crowning feature. Many come just to see this 936-square-mile icefield and thrill at the sight of a calving glacier. You will too. It’s not everyday you get to see the birth of an iceberg!

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All Inclusive Alaska Land Tours with Alaska Adventure Unlimited!

May 29th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

Alaska Adventure Unlimited is an Alaska-owned company that specializes in All Inclusive Alaska Land Tours and Vacations. Our expert-guided Alaska land tours are perfect for individuals or groups of up to 14. The tours are aimed at all ages and ability levels and the activity-driven scenic tours offer travelers worry free all inclusive adventure.

Tour Alaska’s National Parks and glaciers, view nature up close, and sit back and enjoy your Alaskan adventure without having to plan a thing! Let us be your guide on your all inclusive Alaska land tour of a lifetime!

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Your Own, Personal Iditarod – An Alaska Dog Sledding Adventure!

May 19th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

Experience the thrill of the Iditarod with an Alaska dog sledding adventure through Alaska Adventure Unlimited! Meet beautiful huskies and experience the thrill of the Iditarod with Alaska Adventure Unlimited! We offer a variety of ways to get out on Alaska dog sledding adventure!

The Iditarod is Alaska’s annual, 1000 mile long, dog sled race. This iconic yearly event conjures up romantic visions of hardship, endurance, and heroic men and dogs. Even in the beginning, when it was simply for supplies and mail, the journey was worthy of respect and awe.

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Discover Adventure On a Knik Glacier Airboat Tour!

April 30th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

Knik Glacier Airboat TourYou’ll have the time of your life on a Knik Glacier Airboat Tour on Lake George in Alaska’s Mat-Su Valley. At 28 miles long, 6 miles wide, and over 1000 feet thick, Knik Glacier is one of Alaska’s grandest natural attractions!

Knik Glacier is one of the largest accessible glaciers in south central Alaska! A visit to Knik Glacier is always an Alaska vacation highlight, making it a real pleasure to share with visitors.

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Hike, Raft, and Flightsee Glaciers On Our Alaska Glacier Tours!

April 19th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

Hike, Raft, and Flightsee Glaciers On Our Alaska Glacier Tours!Did you know that there are almost as many types of Alaska glacier tours as there are types of glaciers? You can hike or walk on some glaciers, raft past them, flightsee them, even land a skiplane plane on them! With Alaska Adventure Unlimited, you can do all that and more!

Most folks seem familiar with the kind of Alaska glacier tours where you visit a glacier from the water. While this can be a great experience, especially if you’re lucky enough to be there when a glacier calves an iceberg, it’s definitely not the only kind of glacier tour!

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Have the Time of Your Life on an Alaska Bear Viewing Adventure!

March 27th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

Alaska Bear Viewing AdventureThere are a thousand and one reasons to visit Alaska but easily one of the most popular is for an Alaska bear viewing tour. And why not? These magnificent creatures are big, beautiful, and breathtaking to behold in the wild!

There’s nothing quite like seeing an Alaskan brown bear in its natural habitat. Seeing them in zoos and photos can be fascinating and fun but it just isn’t quite the same as seeing them in person in their natural environment.

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Searching For Family-Friendly Alaskan Vacations?

March 17th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

Alaska Adventure Unlimited's Family-Friendly Alaskan VacationsLooking for an Alaska tour company that provides truly family-friendly Alaskan vacations? Look no further! Alaska Adventure Unlimited offers a wide range of kid-friendly Alaska tours!

It can be frustrating when you plan a trip for the whole family only to discover that children aren’t actually welcome. There are a lot of tour companies out there that won’t accommodate children. It’s even worse when they say they are family-friendly, then fail to honestly consider your children’s needs, treating them more like baggage than guests.

At Alaska Adventure Unlimited, our family-friendly Alaskan vacations really are kid-friendly. More than just making sure they have a seat outside the baggage compartment, our tours are designed to keep all members of the family entertained.

That is why Alaska Adventure Unlimited is the #1 provider of family-friendly Alaskan vacations!

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See Alaska Up Close And Personal on a Kenai Fjords Cruise!

February 27th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

See Alaska Up Close And Personal on a Kenai Fjords Cruise!You’ll experience Alaska’s most popular wildlife and glacier cruise on a Kenai Fjords Cruise in Kenai Fjords National Park!

Kenai Fjords National Park is located on the edge of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. The park’s rugged landscape includes fjords, mountains, and glaciers. The Harding Icefield is here, its host of nearly 40 glaciers calving bergs into Resurrection Bay.

Wildlife thrives here, both on shore in the meadows and forests and offshore in the icy waters. Black bears, sea otters, puffins, eagles, migrating whales, and many more are routinely spotted within the park’s boundaries.

No wonder the Kenai Fjords Cruise is known as “Alaska’s # 1 Wildlife and Glacier Cruise!”

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Explore Resurrection Bay On An Alaska Sea Kayak Tour!

February 17th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

Enjoy an Alaska Sea Kayak TourGoing on a guided Alaska sea kayak tour is the experience of a lifetime. A saltwater paddle puts you at eye level with the marine world – a whole new perspective on Alaskan wildlife!

When you climb into a sea kayak, you’re getting that much closer to the water and to the unspoiled world you traveled so far to see. Even if you’ve never touched a paddle before, you’ll find the experience smooth and soothing. Kayaks slice quietly through the waves, leaving you able to approach more closely to marine life without disturbing them.

The sea kayak tour offered by Alaska Adventure Unlimited is an optional exploration of Resurrection Bay. Depending on the time of year you go, you may have the opportunity to see lots of wildlife, including otters, eagles, salmon, sea lions, maybe even bears!

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