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Phone: (907) 373-3494

Alaska Experts for over 25 years


Day One: Anchorage

ANCHORAGE: Upon arrival in Anchorage, transfer to your moderate Anchorage accommodations, where they will hold your bags until your room is open later in the day. Consider enjoying a visit to the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Complimentary transportation is available from downtown at your convenience. Admission is only $24.95 Adults / $21.15 Seniors.

ALASKA NATIVE HISTORY: Travel across town to the spectacular Native Heritage Center, a renowned cultural center and museum, an exciting place where all people can come to expand their understanding of Alaska’s first people. Here we share the rich heritage of Alaska’s eleven cultural groups drawing upon the life ways of long ago, the wisdom of our elders, and the traditions that endure.

The Welcome House is a celebration of contemporary Alaska Native cultures while the outdoor facilities and sites allow the exploration of ancient tradition and the presentation of stories from the past. The Center provides a unique opportunity to experience Alaska’s many diverse Native cultures at one location.

In facilitating the transmission of Alaska Native knowledge, heritage and tradition, the Center promotes self-esteem and pride among Alaska Natives. The Alaska Native Heritage Center improves understanding among all Alaskans and encourages appreciation of Alaska Native people and their traditions, history, and contributions to Alaska.

This evening, check-in at an Anchorage hotel and enjoy dinner at one of the many downtown restaurants.

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