The Best Way to See Alaska

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There is truly so much that you can experience while you’re in Alaska. The most common question we receive is, How should I travel to Alaska? What’s the best way to see everything the state has to offer?

Most people who visit only get to experience a tiny portion of the state. Alaska is massive, about 2.5 times the state of Texas with fewer than one million people. There’s so much to explore here. People often cruise, drive themselves, or take group land tours. All options offer something unique, but our preferred way is on our guided land tour for small groups. 

Relax & Enjoy the Adventure

Which option is best: cruising? Self-driving? Or a guided land tour? 

Cruising allows you to see the massive coastline, but you miss out on what truly makes Alaska special: the immense wilderness. Others choose to drive themselves. While that option seems like a good idea, Alaska is unlike any place you’ve ever traveled. Roads are long, and stops are few and far between. It takes hours to get from one destination to the next, which often leaves people feeling like they’re missing out on parts of the state. 

With our guided land tours we take the planning out of your hands and allow you to truly relax and make the most of the adventure. Our guided land tours of Alaska allow you to see so many different parts of Alaska that you’ll have a hard time deciding which place and adventure were your favorites.

Experience Alaska Like a Local 

Alaska is best experienced through a guide who knows Alaska well. Our guides are all local Alaskans, and most have grown up here, so they bring an intimate knowledge of the roads, local communities, and scenery to your guided tour. 

If you’re truly looking to experience Alaska, a guided land tour is the way to go. Thinking about the best way to travel to Alaska? Give us a call today to discuss your perfect Alaskan adventure.

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