Top 5 Reasons to Visit Alaska

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Alaska was recently listed as one of the Best Places to Travel in the US in 2022, and we couldn’t agree more! We love sharing our slice of paradise with those from around the world. Every day brings a new adventure, whether it’s experiencing the landscapes, wildlife, or weather. Alaska is a place you have to see to experience. Our tours take you across our vast state land and give you the chance to connect with local Alaskans. You get to experience our way of life, soaking in the midnight sun and enjoying our summer days.

With included opportunities to raft, kayak, flightsee, or try your hand at dog mushing, there’s truly something for everyone. Add on a salmon or halibut fishing trip to experience what it’s like to live a subsistence lifestyle! 


In Alaska, there is an abundance of wildlife to see. Moose, bears, wolves, Dall sheep, caribou, and a plethora of marine mammals and wild birds are often spotted. You never know what you might encounter. There’s even a chance to play with some of our more domesticated friends: the Alaskan huskies!


We have over 100,000 glaciers in Alaska. On our tours we give you the chance to walk, boat, trek, fly, and land on ice fields, valley glaciers, hanging glaciers, and tidewater glaciers.


Mountains, glaciers, valleys, ever changing wildflowers, and ocean views are just some of the majestic sights you will see as you travel across the Great Land. You will be mesmerized by the tall snow-capped peaks and lush green foliage along your adventure. When the fireweed starts to bloom, miles of pink and purple flowers paint the landscape.

All Ages Adventure

There is a little something for everyone on our guided Alaska land tours. We continually have groups of friends, families, and solo travelers exploring the Last Frontier with us. Alaska leaves everyone a little awestruck, whether you’re seeing the landscape through the eyes of your child or grandchild, checking off a bucket-list destination, or celebrating a birthday or anniversary. 

The Midnight Sun

It never truly gets dark here in the summer, which means there are plenty of opportunities to explore, spot wildlife, or just enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Alaskan landscape.

We want you to fall in love with the place we call home by experiencing the different cities and landscapes Alaska has to offer. Join us for one of the best Alaska land tours! Click here to view our Alaska land tours in 2024.

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