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Phone: (907) 373-3494

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Day Three: Talkeetna & Wasilla

Today brings another fun-filled day of activity. This morning, begin with an exciting river boat safari down the Talkeetna River.

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2-Hour Riverboat Adventure

Your exciting trip will begin aboard the fifty-one passenger “Talkeetna Queen” as it whisks you into the heart of the wilderness in comfort. This is the most technologically advanced river jetboat in Alaska designed to safely navigate rivers that were previously inaccessible. It is glass-domed, environmentally controlled, and has an onboard restroom for your comfort. You will visit an authentic trapper’s cabin and view how trappers lived in “Bush” Alaska at the turn of the century. Your experienced guide will display raw furs from the local area and demonstrate trapping methods. Naturalists will acquaint you with the wildflowers and plants that grow in abundance along the river system and you will learn about the edible plants that were used by the Native Indians for cooking and medicines. As you travel ten miles of river you will have opportunities to view nesting bald eagles, beaver activity, and moose and you just might see black bear and grizzly bear roaming the shore. Wildlife, folklore, artifacts and a panoramic view of Denali in the Alaska Range combine to make this an unforgettable Alaskan river adventure.

WILLOW: After your Jet boat Adventure, you will travel south to Willow to visit an accomplished musher who shares his story of Alaska and the Iditarod. He weaves in the history of sled dogs from early native use, gold rush times, the famous Serum run to Nome during the 1925 diphtheria epidemic-the focus is on the husky. The uniqueness of the Iditarod from the standpoint of length, diversity of competition and the NO HELP rule are highlights. Training and care of Iditarod dogs is demonstrated.

The logistics of the race and food drops, checkpoints, veterinarian care, the Iditarod Air Force and trail conditions inspire questions. Race strategy and the changes to the Iditarod Race Vern has seen in his twenty five years of racing elicit more dialogue. Clothing and survival gear along with sleds and equipment are topics that are backed up with demonstrations. Stories from the trail are exciting and fun. Ride in comfort in Our New Dog Mobile. As there is no snow this time of your or a sled, the dogs pull you in a free wheeled buggy as this is how they train during the summer months. Better for the dogs! Safe and Fun! Our wilderness trail is over bridges and through the woods. You can see and feel the power and love the dogs have for what they do. Finally taking the summer pups for a walk is a fantastic experience. You will soon see why we fell in love with the Alaskan Husky. Pups tell the story of their care and they inspire us. You will walk away from the hike feeling great!

From here you will travel 30 miles south to Wasilla for your overnight. A dinner stop will be provided.

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