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Have the Time of Your Life on an Alaska Bear Viewing Adventure!

There are a thousand and one reasons to visit Alaska but easily one of the most popular is for an Alaska bear viewing tour. And why not? These magnificent creatures are big, beautiful, and breathtaking to behold in the wild! There’s nothing quite like seeing an Alaskan brown bear in its natural habitat. Seeing them […]

Visit An Alaskan Musk Ox Farm!

Get up close and personal with a once extinct, ice-age native of the Alaskan wilderness. Visit an Alaskan Musk Ox Farm! Alaska Adventure Unlimited loves treating its guests to the things that make Alaska unique. A visit to the only arctic musk ox farm in the US (the world?) certainly fits that bill! Despite looking […]

Take Life By The Horns On A Dall Sheep Photo Safari!

Iconic, majestic, photogenic: these are the words that come to mind when one thinks of Alaska’s Dall sheep. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to see them in their natural habitat on a Dall sheep photo safari? Dall sheep are native to the mountain ranges of Alaska. The massive curled horns of the males make them […]

Ursus Bear Habitat Encounter Day Trip

It’s one for your bucket list: come have the adventure of a lifetime and view wild, coastal brown bears up close and in the wild on one of our two Ursus Bear Habitat Encounter Alaska Day Trips! Alaska Adventure Unlimited offers a number of fantastic multi-day trips – which include gold panning, dog-sledding, jetboat tours, […]